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The Noise of the New York City Subway


Alone, we’re taking the train home; at least I know I am; you look at me, I look at you, but we turn our eyes away, wishing for something to say; but the noise of the train reminds us of our pain; the noise of the train keeps us from hearing our smiles;

we built bridges to keep the world closer; that’s why we’re lonelier; for the bridges are taking our places; they separate us more; I’m afraid to ask your name, modern advances; for you too would fear to take chances that with every smile, there’s one less mile…

What life requires


No one ever told you, you as a child, that you were there. So now you believed yourself; no one ever gave you a hug as a child, so when you opened your little arms to hug or be hugged, all that everyone else could see was an emptiness or a void where you were standing;

and that painful emptiness or void swallowed you even more and made you feel even more and more meaningless.

so you crawl and grow-up looking for something to fill those holes, something to alleviate the train of pain; but you grow older and older, not really knowing what you are looking for.

Then one day, you were traveling on foot and leaping from your left leg. You looked down the road and you noticed something. You noticed that the straight, hot, and narrow asphalt road had paused to a curve, almost circle like, and you couldn’t see the rest of the road ahead of you; but you knew that as soon as you took the curve, the road would straighten again and you would see the rest of the road. and continue on although leaping…

Somehow you knew the road was there, even though you couldn’t see it because of the curve; and then something else hit you: You never saw it because you didn’t believe in it! You never saw yourself to begin with, so no one else saw you and that is what you just realized.

Life became a little late in your life, but at lease and at last, you get to sense something of life…

You realized that life is not all but pain or poverty or rejection or bad luck or misery. Life can be good! All that life requires is a bit of believe! That is all that it requires!


By Forester de Santos