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i is the shortest verse there can be,
anything less is just a lie;
i is the smallest grain of sweetness that salt can give;
and i hurt and sweated,
but kept a good memory
so that i don’t have to cry
much when such time arrives;
and i am the thinker,
therefore, the creator;
but sometimes i become a stinker
when i forget the shortest verse
or remember it too well.

Carmen Navarro

I can’t believe you exist;
you are too real;
I become alive when we speak;
you reflect what I hide:
my smile, my laughter,
my passion for love;
I hide because I want to be
found so badly;
but you see in me
what I see in you:
that goodly light
all we humans have,
but can;t see it
unless we reflect it
upon other humans.

Can it be me?

You that have lived longer than I,
tell me why that things that should make me laugh,
make me cry?!

And tell me,
I that love you so dearly,
why someone else kisses your lips?!

And tell me this,
how can it be that you want to be here and are there?!

Can it be me?!
Do I love you so much,
I’m afraid to love?!

Do I want to laugh so much I cry instead?!
Can it be I don’t believe in me?!
And, therefore, in we?!

Hello Friends

Hello friends,
this is goodbye;
but a good and happy goodbye;

I’m stepping into the future;
and if I shall go alone,
don’t let it be your concern.

I’ve gotten tired of telling you to move ahead,
but I don’t move instead.

I’m not running away,
I’m just looking for a reason to stay;

And if you, my friends–my heart, my life–
should stop from dying every day with your tears,
it is that I’m living,
living for all of us.

And, my friends, if you should seek me,
it is that I’ve found myself!

Last time


Last time I saw

Last time I saw, I saw not
even though I still was!

And the more saw, the less
I became! So much that I
became not, that so much
of me was seen for not being!

Because in truth, nothing is
greater than nothing only
because of humbling
as nothing!

That is, nothing is greater
when one humbles as nothing!