Monthly Archives: February 2015

The silence of a stranger

Too old to be a child and too dumb to be a man!
He wanted to say so much or at least listen,
but he did not know how,
for no one taught him to speak or that he could.
And into a strange land he landed by air ship.
But the strangers handed him kindness
and they honored him as a great philosopher
because of his great silence.
And so, he had now two tongues,
the silent to amaze the speakers,
and the spoken one to amaze the dumb
or the childish for their foolishness.

The immortality that was

If I would had closed my eyes,
I would had felt the immortality that was,
the love she has for the seers who close their eyes
just to be with her alive for a second or two.

But the harm and the hurting are on!
I have seen her empty or useless nakedness
through my measuring of her and she was
and she still is but ashamed.

That is, until the day I die!

Measuring immortality

I casted my green eyes like a pair of dice
and when they stopped rolling they looked at immortality.
They had measured and dressed her with green,
thus making her jealous, smaller and ashamed at a great cost,
costing my immortality. The cost for measuring, dressing
and even giving a simple look to immortality
so that she too can stare is but death!

I began


I began to read your picture,
and letter by letter,
word for word,
you said exactly what I feel for you.

I began to think when I made you thought;
I began to smile when I made you smile;
yes, these are your words, I read;
you’ve shown I’m s poet, at last;
but although I can write words,
my friends that you cannot:
It’s you that reflect them to me;
you are my heart:
the cause of thought.