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To truly become self-sufficient one must, therefore, seek God and God will truly grant to one the knowledge to thus become self-sufficient as God is therefore self-sufficient.

God is not an all mighty or an all sufficient God and Creator or Doer looking down to put down a poor soul or life, but God is an all mighty looking up to one no matter how low one is, because he knows that what is low is what makes the high.

Those that seek about immortality

Those that truly seek about or for immortality, thus they truly already have made a space for her and she will allow them to enter into her as immortals or adopted sons of hers when she truly is granted by God, because immortality truly is of God but she will not be denied to any man that does for God or that presents God for much more than his Creator.

God as Creator is a Conscious Effort

God as Creator is a conscious effort. To name or to adopt willingly truly is a conscious effort. To truly believe is a conscious effort because true believe drives the believer to achieve or to manifest the things of God as loving Creator and then as much more so that God as much more can be manifested or shown or be seen in the true believer…Now, a true believer is he that not only God has rewarded with true gladness and with true joy and also has rewarded him with the true feeling of abundance, which is the true anticipation of things to come because they already are, but also God has promised the true believer with a very grandiose reward…But that very grandiose reward or recompense depends once again upon the believer and the greater the believer believes thus the greater the reward or the recompense will be because the greater God will be…

As If Another Creation

God took from Himself to create. And when creation was complete, God became as if someone else for God becoming as Creator. And the creation of God also became as if another part of God. And that other part of God, God adopted for pleasing God and for confirming God as Creator thus making God also as Father and making creation as if another creation because she now became as if forever new and in double the abundance…

Thus in truth, because of God opening his mouth as Creator, thus as Creator God became and creation also became as if forever she was but as if she always was forever new or forever renewed…

And that man that does as God, as God that man will become and forever that man will renew or will become as if forever that man was new and in double abundance, where are the five portions of life as God and with God but with God as much more…

The True Happiness of One

If God the good and very loving Creator is not one’s happiness, thus everything which one has done and will do is and will be forever vanity, even one’s very death was because of vanity, not doing for God and the true happiness which is God to be able to be reborn and thus continue with life but with God or united to God because without God there is no more life and even less there will be true happiness..

The only true life

The only true life or the only continuation of life is with God but with God as much more than Creator and one as much more than one. That life with God will be a life filled with peace, with knowledge, with gladness, with joy and everything in double the abundance here in the very earth but the very earth will become for much more because of one receiving acknowledgement of God so that one truly continues with life.

To die was not to achieve life with God

To die was not to achieve life with God because to continue with life one has to continue life with God but with God as much more than Creator and one as much more than one or than servant beloved of God. Thus, the more one makes God or the more one knows or one recognizes God, the more God will be to one and because of one being more to God, God will become for much more every time God does for one or God grants to one the request of one that one makes toward God.

When one is born

When one is born and one is born alive into the world not only the world has become for much more, but also everyone else that had to deal with one also has become for much more. And when one comes to know or to understand and one knows or one recognizes God as much more than Creator thus one also has become for much more to the Creator and the Creator thus will do more for one because the Creator also will become for much more than Creator, but that is in one that the Creator becomes for much more than Creator as God became Creator through the very creation of God.

we must put our maximum efforts toward God

We must put our maximum efforts toward God so that God through those very same efforts does for us! God is known through his reform of Creator and that reform of Creator made possible the creation of God when God through the creation of God took form or God was reformed or renewed or reborn as Creator and God also became greater through the creation of God.