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A Higher Existence or Consciousness

Those that do not care for God, they should if they truly want to reach a higher existence because only God is true knowledge and true acknowledgement and one only enters a higher existence or consciousness of God by God or through God.


Coded Knowledge of God

The Bible is really Coded Knowledge of God, but without God or knowledge of God man is nothing no matter how great his technology or conscious thought because just as man returns to dust so will his things.

But he that goes after God, God will manifest in him and God will allow him to know the will of God that God has for him.

Now then, the will of God truly is after the knowledge that that man has of God and the greater the knowledge that that man has of God thus the greater the will of God towards that man.

To Know of God

He that seeks of God to prove that God does not exist or that God is not necessary in the life of the human being, thus he will find lack of God but because of his very own lack of God.

But he that seeks of God to know or to know of God, thus he will know or will know of God, because God Himself will grant him the true knowledge of God and the life of he will never ever be the same again because now as also forever God will be everything to him.

Knowledge of how Existence Functions

Truly blessed is that man that has true knowledge of how existence or the universe truly functions, because that man also knows how that man himself functions.  And he also will do as existence herself to continue on existing or living one but existing or living on as if forever new and in complete abundance, all five portions of her…


Life is a combination of first going forth and then of hiding, hiding from the very light which gives life and knowledge or form and hiding also from the very water which refreshes or renews her, her being life, an empty vase to be filled as the light and as the water before life dies so that she can continue on until eternity as the very light and as the very water.