Monthly Archives: July 2015

The beginning of many things

The question, even though it truly appears as rebelliousness, it is truly the very beginning of many things, even of many good things!

Because in truth, even though the question can also separate and can create chaos, truly the question is for more and when it is responded thus both parts will become as new and as if never there were separation or chaos.

Through the name of stanger

There was truly a cell or a seed that was casted from one side to another, in truth it was casted from one grace to another, and she swam as never in her life she had swum and as never in her life she was going to swim…

Nine months after, after the true rest for doing and of taking true form of life for truly being triumphant, I presented myself alive to the world! I remember not how I was received, but they gave me a name or the knowledge of a stranger! And that is the way that I truly have lived and truly have done, through the name of a stranger!

If one is not happy

If one is not truly happy with one oneself, then neither one will make another happy because the truth is that one seeks happiness or joy away from oneself so that one can truly be happy or be joyful! There truly is no sun which illuminates or shines with the light of another and he that truly seeks joy or seeks happiness away from him very self thus he will never in truth be happy because he has truly pretended to be another, what he is truly not and what he truly will never be!

Thus to pretend to be more than one by pretending to be someone else without truly knowing one and the great power of one is not only vanity but it is also losing the very power of one and the very ability to be more as one through one for one wanting or for one doing to be more through another, something that truly will never happen because what is for one truly will be through one oneself and never through another or because of another!

Victory and trial

There is no true victory or true triumph in gladness and in joy without trials or without temptations or even without struggles or even without contentions. And there is no true union without two and two united truly are as if three or as if more. And for three or for more is truly the victory or the triumph because the victory or the triumph truly makes one complete, complete because of the peace, because of the gladness, because of the joy and because of the true or real rest which truly is about to arrive because of the abundance.

Now then, in true victory of peace and of true joy and in true abundance is where in truth God dwells and God dwells also as true victor when the victory or the triumph is given to God!

God is also hope

God truly is hope but only and when one truly waits or truly hopes for God. Now then, to come to truly wait or to have hope truly was for truly coming to do and because of doing in truth in truth know the purpose of the hope or the purpose of the waiting, of waiting that in truth is to rest and that will take true form so that hope can truly be seeing and can truly be enjoyed and complete gladness and with complete joy the hope waited for that will be truly completed by one oneself when hope becomes or hope arrives. And what will arrive is truly God if God truly was hoped or waited for. And that hope or waiting for God truly will complete God in one with complete gladness and with complete joy and also with complete knowledge of God.

Acknowledgement and new life

Understanding, which in truth is to enter, or knowledge, which in truth is to know to wait, or learning, which in truth is to do, is acknowledgement, which in truth is the permission to enter and to be on the right side. Thus, acknowledgement in truth is new life but new life with all power and with all authority.

Thought renews

Sometimes an enemy can be as if an unexpected friend, because he can make one to truly think. And true thought is what really makes the things as if new and truly also as if abundant. True thought is in truth what takes one completely to God, because he that has no thought for himself or true thought thus he cannot believe and if he does not believe, he cannot arrive or he cannot reenter life as if new and as if in true abundance.

It is believed or it is not

There really is no such a thing as believing differently. Or it is believed or it is not believed. Belief or faith which is true adds until it becomes a reality. Those that truly do not believe or believe differently, not only will they stop from believing differently but also they will not be present to believe.

Therefore, truly do to truly have true knowledge so that with true knowledge truly have true faith and because of having true faith can truly receive true acknowledgement and because of true acknowledgement can be present for all the times through the same faith or belief which adds to one.

Man and doctrine

Like moth to light is man to doctrine, but when real light arrives both die in the blinding light because real light can truly be like a double edged sword which can cut one before one cuts another, that other being the enemy of life. And the enemy of life uses what man knows to hook man into hooking himself!

Thus, study for one very self for oneself one can know and oneself one can truly understand, which is really to enter, because through what one truly knows, one will truly present oneself and one will be given for what one already has and not for what one does not have. And what will be given is the permission to sit on the right side after one entering for oneself!

Because in truth, one is rewarded or one is given knowledge or one is given name for what one has done or won!

To say give me for another for another received for me or to say another has done or won for me is doctrine…