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The more one knows about the inspiring word

The more one knows about the inspiring word, the more the inspiring word will open up to one; the less one knows, the less the inspiring word will open up to one. So, get interested in the inspiring word so that the inspiring word which is the breath of God can respond to one or in one and with compounded interest because when God responds to one God not only responds with gladness and with joy and God also responds with the grandiose feeling of abundance but God also responds to one with a very grandiose promise having to do with power and riches.

Make a good for all times

Make a good for all times. Study the word, for the word will fill you with the gladness and with the joy of God and also the word will fill you with the abundance of God all the times. And that gladness and that joy of God and that feeling of abundance will really complete or really fill, for the things of God are but gladly and joyfully completed or perfected through one, but through one as much more than one.

The word is clear to the first born

The word is clear to the first born, but the first born requires a stutterer so that the first born can understand the clear word of his loving father. But the word is for every one individually because he who reads or studies or even interprets the word really is doing it for himself even though he reads or spreads the word to another. Therefore, to truly get close to God one must do the search for oneself because God is personal and intimate as the creation of God is personal and intimate with God. And just as God truly became greater or higher or taller in the very heavens and the heavens became for more due to his creation of creation, one therefore will become greater or higher or taller through one’s search of God because through one’s search of God one already has confirmed God and God will reward one with gladness and joy and with more for that very search or confirmation of God…

A Very Simple Illustration

The word begins with a very simple illustration of how one enters into where already one is or was in complete or in perfect harmony, the five portions of life before birth and of new life after rebirth, which are gladness and joy, abundance of substance or of plenitude, and peace and knowledge or acknowledgement of life in life to continue in life here on the very earth as if in the very heavens…

The Doctrine of Man

The doctrine of man was born dead and dead makes man the doctrine of man; but the word or the knowledge of God makes every man alive and if every man alive wants to live through her, through her every man alive will also be reborn and also will be saved so that saved every man can continue, but can truly continue as prince of salvation…

Be joyful!

The true smile, which also can be an eternal smile, was always in one, but the blows, the desolation and the hypocrisy of the world have swollen the face and the face have stained!

But sometimes one smiles with the face stained, but the stained face does not take form even though one truly smiled! But there is comfort, so be truly glad and truly joyful!

Because in truth, you can seek he that truly can with a single word give real form and he can also make things new, new forever, as an eternal smile!

The doctrine for the word

Those who do not renounce the doctrine for the word, they become rotten and later die without knowing the truth which always was before them and which could give them more life and even also give them the salvation of God so that they could continue with more life as savior beloved of God.