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Separation from the Group

He that separates from the group so that he can become greater, greater he will also make the group if the group goes after him for the good of the group as if one.


I Am Becoming Everything

I am becoming everything that I was once denied or thought that I could not have or could not even achieve on my own. And when I become everything thus they that came to me in their time of need and then marked me and hid from me in my time of need they will be nothing, not even a memory because I will be forever as if new and the suffering and the lack as if they never were.

Because of One Adding

Because of one adding to existence, not only will one become for more as savior but also existence will become for more than just simple existence…

And one adds more through request for more so that more also is added to one and not only one becomes for much more but also existence becomes for much more…

And once one is added as much more, thus not only one will be renewed forever but also existence will be renewed forever and both will be for one because of one adding…

More Because of One

Existence became for more because of one even though she already was complete. And if one makes more existence even though already complete, thus both will become forever for much more and because of becoming forever for much more, thus both also forever will renew and also will become forever new, as if both were forever new and for much more…

Things become smaller through the eye

The human eye makes things smaller, so do not be afraid to look at your troubles! And troubles are simple things without form and once the human and mortal eye is casted into the things without form, the things without form will take temporary form and vanish, vanish because whatever the human and mortal eye is casted to, it becomes mortal and vanishes!