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Most tears are not cried for those who arrive

Most tears are not cried for those who arrive, but for those who left dead and will always and forever stay there dead. Life is about life and the expanding of life first through birth alive and then through rebirth alive once the living being becomes conscious or self-aware. And once the living being becomes conscious or self-aware thus the conscious being really has the grandiose opportunity of rebirth or of life renewed or of becoming savior beloved and a step closer to life eternal.

God is the reality known

God is the reality known plus one’s very own believe or one’s point of view plus three times or more the doubt or the reality unknown. The more of God is known, the more God or the more reality really is or is seen or known and the less the doubt or the less the reality unknown and the greater one becomes or remains because now one is as if one was forever new.

If one wants to see more

If one wants to see more, one simply learns a little more. And the more one learned, the more one saw. And then nothing or anything is vanity! Read, learn and see! Furthermore, when one presents oneself as more or for more thus as more or for more everything else becomes as more or for more until one truly becomes as more or for more and then everything becomes forever abundant and forever abundant everything refreshes, even one becomes as if one was forever two or more.

The True Happiness of One

If God the good and very loving Creator is not one’s happiness, thus everything which one has done and will do is and will be forever vanity, even one’s very death was because of vanity, not doing for God and the true happiness which is God to be able to be reborn and thus continue with life but with God or united to God because without God there is no more life and even less there will be true happiness..

More Because of One

Existence became for more because of one even though she already was complete. And if one makes more existence even though already complete, thus both will become forever for much more and because of becoming forever for much more, thus both also forever will renew and also will become forever new, as if both were forever new and for much more…

Existence Forever Will Become For More

Only he that has in reality, in reality is he that can deny. Because he that does not have, what can he deny if nothing is also something? And if he does not have, why dos he offer? Will he have more because of offering without having?

But existence never ever denies for less or for nothing but existence always humbles for much more. Nothing is for lack of something, but something is which makes nothing. And nothing because of being nothing, nothing is also something, something of nothing.

Existence has no choice but to exist and she for all eternity has being existing and doing and also she will for all of eternity exist or do or create. But even though existence has no choice but to exist and she cannot stop from existing for being eternal, she is not obligated to do or to create even though to do or to create is what makes existence, but to do or to create is what maintains existence as if forever new or as if she has just presented herself in all her glory and splendor.

Thoughts in wisdom

From the very first day, that was the end of one or the end of another or the very end of something…Many that cannot, they would truly like; but many that can, no…He that does not understand joy, joy in truth he rejects; because to be joyful one needs knowledge or one needs understanding and when knowledge and understanding do not bring joy, one feels shameful, one feels naked…

Stolen knowledge truly makes the thief dumb and naked. The creation of God is in truth to acknowledge and become forever new…If you can prove God to yourself, then you have truly done enough…The best gift of all the times after the creation of God and the faith of God thus is the adoption of one of God, one as son and God as Father because one in truth presents oneself first as son to the father so that the father can reconfirm it…

Not until one opens the mouth, thus it will not be known in truth how one is…He that does not give thanks for a favor or for help no matter how small, he will always be obligated and he will feel shameful because of obligation. Thus, a thank you completes all types of transactions…

Those that do more through less

There are those that do more with a less mind and with less body than those that have complete mind and complete body. The irony of all this is that he that is complete can see for complete and for seeing complete thus he can add or multiply the complete so that what is complete forever becomes as new and because of forever becoming as new thus never finishes or never becomes corrupt. But that is not happening!

Now then, those that with little do more is because they through the very lack have seen that there really is more because they also know that lack is made my something or lack is made by one, by the lack of one as the lack of many. That is to say, that the lack is because of the lack of one which already is present but cannot be seen. But to come to know the lack, thus the lack will give birth to one in complete abundance because nothing comes from lack, but rather, it or one comes because of abundance. And what has come has come to add to the abundance or to complete the abundance through its presence, through the very presence of one or through the very presence of what has just arrived.