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A true apology

A true or sincere apology not only goes back in time and heals or mends harm done to another, but also a true or sincere apology refreshes time and all the parties involved can now go on as if there never ever were any harm done.


We have come to a point in time

We have come to a point in time where, unfortunately, fantasy is history, the future already is fact, and the past can be improved! Science has put a false memory before the living individual. But fortunate for the individual he can still do more for himself and become more by simply presenting himself as more or for more to the heavens because once the individual has presented himself as once he did after his birth, the individual has also presented the heavens for more and the heavens will not only acknowledge that individual with gladness, joy, peace and illumination but the heavens will also promise that individual a grandiose reward.

Make a good for all times

Make a good for all times. Study the word, for the word will fill you with the gladness and with the joy of God and also the word will fill you with the abundance of God all the times. And that gladness and that joy of God and that feeling of abundance will really complete or really fill, for the things of God are but gladly and joyfully completed or perfected through one, but through one as much more than one.

When One Stops Time

When one is born and born alive, thus time begins to run and now time is master of one; but when one is reborn, and one is only reborn alive or in life, thus time stops running for one and one is master of one and now time as if it is not or was never ever because now one has the power to really continue on and on without limits of nothing or without ever lacking nothing…

From Knowledge

The world as also time and even one truly is filled with knowledge or is filled with answers, but if one does not ask the question thus one will not be over-filled with knowledge or one will not be over-filled with answers and without knowledge or without answers one cannot be reborn, because from knowledge or from the answer that follows the question comes gladness and joy and gladness and joy are the ones that truly give rebirth to one as much more than one…

The Small which makes the Great

Existence is infinite or without size. Existence runs or she expands toward all sides at the very same time and at the very same time existence also compresses toward all sides, that way also adding to her very self an infinite weight and an infinite size. That is to say, existence adds to herself, she multiplies herself, she divides herself and existence also subtracts her very self or from her very self to be able to become forever for more and even for new.