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As if forever they were new

Putting a new brick on a house does not make it new as a new house does not make a town new. What truly makes the things new is a birth alive or a rebirth in life, because with a birth alive or with a rebirth in life all things have become for much more and as if forever they were new…

When one is born

When one is born and one is born alive into the world not only the world has become for much more, but also everyone else that had to deal with one also has become for much more. And when one comes to know or to understand and one knows or one recognizes God as much more than Creator thus one also has become for much more to the Creator and the Creator thus will do more for one because the Creator also will become for much more than Creator, but that is in one that the Creator becomes for much more than Creator as God became Creator through the very creation of God.

He that does thus he achieves knowledge

He that does thus he achieves knowledge and with knowledge he takes form of life and once that form of life is complete, thus he is born and if he is born alive, thus he will be recognized into the world through the very knowledge that he brought into the world.

But if he does contrary to what he himself presented to the world, thus he will be punished with death. But if he once in the world does with the very knowledge that he himself brought into the very world thus he will be recognized or he will truly have acknowledgement to be reborn in the very world in where once he was born and was born alive.

But this acknowledgement of he in the world will not only be for much more of what he will be, but also he will be reborn with all gladness and with all joy and also with all abundance, with all abundance because not only everything in the world as also in the heavens has become for new but also everything has become for much more.