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About forester21amado

My pen name is Forester de Santos and I am on a very grandiose crusade of rebirth alive or to be born again with complete gladness and complete joy and also with complete abundance of God as much more than God and as much more than Creator. Now then, one who truly is on a grandiose crusade cannot follow another or cannot let himself be surrounded by his beloved ones or his fans because he cannot cross over them or cross over because of them being in the way or blocking the path which is but which cannot be seen until rebirth or until one is born again. I do not ask to be followed, not because I will not lead, but because I will not look back but I will look to my right and to my left to see who walks with me. But those that truly decide to follow me will become as me and as me will truly receive or gather true knowledge because my struggle or my grandiose crusade of rebirth is true, so true in fact that I have become a much better person because of the true faith which I have come to receive. And because I have come to have true faith, thus I use my faith as a shield to repel or to reject other beliefs or good sounding lies! Therefore, to rebirth alive or to be born again while still living here on the very earth which will be as in the very heavens through rebirth!

Death is something unnatural for the conscious beings

Death really is something unnatural for the conscious beings. To enter into a new or renewed life really is to enter into a greater state of mental consciousness, which only is achieved in life before dying because after the death of the conscious being he has lost the grandiose possibility of new or renewed life or of rebirth, what is once more an expansion of mental consciousness…

To want to die and to want to lay with death and then rise from her only is a perversion…

I do not want to be raised from the dead

I do not want to be raised from the dead, as dead man’s doctrine says, but I do want to truly be uplifted or illuminated with more of the truth to never ever die, not even once…

Besides, heavens will be filled with nothing but hypocrites and hell also will be filled with nothing but with those with good intentions…

When someone shines a light on you

When someone shines a light on you and you do not reflect that light, that light will be shut off or will be reflected to another. And you will be to that someone as if you never were…

And the very same thing as above is with God. When God calls one after one doing something that attracted God and if one does not respond, God will not call again unless one calls to him or acts again to attract Him…

The more one learns

The more one learns the more one forgets. The more rules one needs to remember the more rules will one break or practically need to break.

So, therefore, just be oneself and always desire or remember the best or the good for oneself and then do the motion or the movement to be or to become the best or the good, which really is a greater or taller state of mental consciousness.

The seed of man

Most people, a tall multitude, just hang around waiting for gladness and joy to die off so that they can also die off and fade away into nothing as nothing.

They are simply waiting around as if the seed of a man, in where one overcame and now they believe that that one truly overcame for them and now they wait for death so that she can embrace and inhale them into the heavens, the heavens which they never did for…

Rock Bottom

You can tell that you finally reached rock bottom money wise when you use your ex-girl’s under arm deodorant which she left and it smells like coconut.

But you can also tell that you cannot go any further but up, up and up!

And those that were not with you on your worst of times will neither be on your best of times!

The world is so perverted

The world is so perverted that when the truth presents herself to the world, the world will ask her to turn around and to bend forward so that the perverted world could see her private or secret parts, not knowing the perverted world that the truth is naked and that she has nothing to hide; but that she becomes or transforms the man that honestly or humbly seeks her.

And even though that man must undress or become naked himself to receive or to become the truth herself, he will not be ashamed neither of her nakedness nor of his.

My Silence

My silence, marvelous to me but frightful to others, does not mean that I have gotten tired. My silence neither means that I have given up.

But my silence really means that I have truly done to overcome and that I am waiting for the act or the fact of overcoming.

Many people started with me or were around me, but there has only remained one, who will truly do a grandiose multitude with my life.

The rest of the people, and many that they were, returned to their very low mentalities and returned also to all their vanities which they served.

And because of being many of them, them the people felt comfortable or justified making the march back.

Some of them made themselves innocent while they stepped on me before me overcoming or before me receiving the act or the fact of my overcoming.

But they will become nothing for returning to nothing and to what will never be for them until the day of their death, which will be because of them returning and doing for vanity.

Now then, overcoming truly is going up into a greater or taller state of mentality or of mental consciousness.

Once one enters into that greater or taller state, one will truly become for much more and for much more one will also do.

Also, one will become as if one forever was for new and for much more…