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Knowledge and Chaos

That which is not known or that which is not understood thus that is seen as if chaos even though with some form, but when that is known or when that is truly understood that takes form or takes reform and now is not chaos and now is as if it never lacked form…

Existence truly is all based upon knowledge or be it positive useful knowledge or be it negative or useless knowledge. There is not an existence completely positive or completely negative because existence exists because of existences being composed of opposite sides which show to be opposites to their very opposites but they are not because they themselves are not a single side or do not exist. In other words, existence is composed of opposites which show that they are more opposites of themselves than the opposites they are opposites of but that composition is what really makes existence exist…



Only he that is born alive is named or is renamed or is adopted or even is truly justified. No one names or renames or adopts or even justifies he that is born for dead or is born without life. And he that was named or that was renamed or that was adopted was named or renamed or adopted through what he brought into the world and was comforted so that he rested and continued with the form of life, because he that is born alive is born as if in chaos because of entering into the world in where things are not known even though they were felt in abundance.

The shape of likeness

When one likes something, both begin to take the shape of likeness. But when one hates something, both begin to deform, thus creating chaos. Now, chaos is not something without form. But chaos is something not complete and since chaos is not complete, chaos is not seeing or not understood but remains because of its incompleteness or deforming shape! And as long as one is confused or does not understand or even hates, thus one is in chaos or as if without shape and one begins to move toward that direction, the direction without form or shape until one is no longer and when one is no longer, no longer will there be the chaos or the deformed shape!

When the abundance can be chaos

Abundance can be chaos to those that never had the knowledge of her, not even common or basic or even essential knowledge. Many have being brought up without the real knowledge of the their fathers and even though they keep no hatred against their fathers, the lack of the fathers is very great, so great that if the fathers would one day let themselves be known, they will never see their very sons as their sons but they would see strangers because they are seeing their empty selves or seeing the lack of the fathers in their own sons!

The beginning of many things

The question, even though it truly appears as rebelliousness, it is truly the very beginning of many things, even of many good things!

Because in truth, even though the question can also separate and can create chaos, truly the question is for more and when it is responded thus both parts will become as new and as if never there were separation or chaos.