To Live or to Die

To live or to die are only options.
If we want to live or to continue living in double the abundance
or in auto-sufficiency thus we must do,
do the movement or the act of rebirth
or the act of asking for it.

If we do not want to live but want to die instead
thus nothing we will do and death will do the rest
and forever she will speak for one
until there is no longer more of one or we,
not even one’s dust…

One Hundred and Twenty Years

We have 120 years to complete a higher or taller objective.
Most people do not make that for while others do not care
to make it that far or even complete that objective.

Now then, that objective is our higher or taller mental consciousness.
And when we achieve it, thus we will be united to it as one
and thus one becomes higher or taller.


Happiness can be a mess, a mighty or tall mess.

Happiness can be a point of view.

The happiness of another could be a chaos or a terror to one
just as the happiness of one could be a chaos or a terror to another.

That is the reason that we must be patient or suffer not,
because everyone does for his own happiness.

But if the happiness of another harms us,
thus we must leave and keep walking.

Now then, true happiness is with God,
where everyone is happy for the same
or as the same as everyone.

In And Out

One makes the other.
The other makes one.
One cannot be whole
unless something is lacking.
The lacking piece is not missing.
It’s just not seeing because of not knowing;
but we need no knowledge
of the air we breathe to breathe.
We simply know to know without the knowledge.
It’s believe,
which is knowing without that it is.
Such is believe,
to feel in the heart without sight;
for to see makes but mortality,
But to recognize without seeing makes immortality!

The Fruit

The forbidden fruit forced you and I to come before a cross.
Double was the death penalty,
twice to die although in front of the cross.
But I could not ask for forgiveness,
no matter how hard I tried,
for I did not know how to forgive
for no one as of yet had sinned against me.
The fruit of right and wrong has done us so wrong.
It has put us in a circle that sinks in.