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God is the reality known

God is the reality known plus one’s very own believe or one’s point of view plus three times or more the doubt or the reality unknown. The more of God is known, the more God or the more reality really is or is seen or known and the less the doubt or the less the reality unknown and the greater one becomes or remains because now one is as if one was forever new.

The Voice of Liberty

No one acknowledges a voice without the voice first being known and every slave knows the voice of his Master no matter from where the Master calls. But if the good Master calls with the voice of liberty to liberty give, even though he may call the slave by his very name, the slave will not respond because the slave will not recognize the voice, but the slave will seek the voice to see who is calling but in truth the slave will neither find nor see the Master that calls because the Master has stopped from being Master and because of the Master stopping from being Master, thus the Master has left his form of Master and the Master has taken another and better form, the form of Father, which with the voice of Father truly called the slave but neither the slave knew that voice and because of the slave not responding nor as free nor as son of the Master, the voice left, taking also the great form!

To die is not to do

One must first do to truly know things which are already known but which are not seen and to wait and to die is not to do, no matter how good sounding the doctrine. Because in truth, too much sound from the river is too much sound of the water and too much sound from the river does not sound too good.

Too much rest and chaos

Too much rest, in truth, harms not only the one resting too much but also harms too much what was made, if it was that something was made. Because in truth, what was kept from being done or from being known, thus it returns to chaos or it loses its form. Even the dead lose their form because they cannot do in truth or they cannot really do. And what is done in truth or is truly done thus makes in truth a very good rest and a very good rest is that rest where one has become as new without even one resting even…

stolen knowledge

Stolen knowledge neither brings true gladness nor brings true joy, the ones that give in truth birth or rebirth. What in truth brings stolen knowledge is nakedness and is shame, so much nakedness and so much shame that in truth it cannot be seen what always was!

Because in truth, the knowledge that is granted to one in truth is the knowledge that dresses one but dresses one in truth for what one oneself has in truth done for that knowledge and that knowledge dresses one so that one can present one oneself with that very knowledge and because of that very knowledge thus one also will be known or acknowledged or reconfirmed for one oneself and not for some other or someone else.

When one is known

Two hear better than one, but one can hear better than two when one is known or when one is given knowledge or acknowledgement. And two can begin to confuse what they heard when one of them repeats it!

Because in truth, no two individuals can hear exactly the same because no two individuals have exactly the very same knowledge or do not use knowledge the very same way! And so one in truth hears or one even sees according to the true knowledge one already has and if one is not certain of oneself, because of lack of confidence or knowledge, the less one hears or the less one sees no matter how good the hearing or the sight may be!

Thus, truly know yourself and truly know what you truly know so that you can truly hear and then truly see what was truly heard that now is truly seen!