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we must put our maximum efforts toward God

We must put our maximum efforts toward God so that God through those very same efforts does for us! God is known through his reform of Creator and that reform of Creator made possible the creation of God when God through the creation of God took form or God was reformed or renewed or reborn as Creator and God also became greater through the creation of God.

He that in reality changes

He that in reality changes is God because God renews through his perfection! And that which does not come to the perfection of God, thus that remains imperfection and because of its imperfection, that stops from doing and because that stops from doing, that stops renewing and because of not renewing, that stops from existing as part of the imperfection which that was.

To rush and to be ready

He that usually rushes others is not ready himself, but he gets ready himself by watching others rush to their starting positions. But nothing really started in a rush. It was the very peace or the very quietness or the very stillness that started or that pushed everything into a motion or into a rush, even though everything started as a simple one, everything entered as one into, into nothing or into emptiness but nothing or emptiness tried to squeeze something back into peace or into quietness or back into stillness, not knowing that peace, that quietness or that stillness started everything.

And the more nothing or darkness squeezed something, the more something really became, so much something became that something or one overcame darkness and darkness, even more vast then one, has become the very shadow of one. And all in truth because peace or quietness or stillness wanted to renew and rest forever as new!

Because in truth, that which is not renewed, even with a very simple word, thus it finishes or it stops being!

To see through the wonders of God

We are in the times where the world hides from the wonders of God rather than glorifying Him through them and through that glorification of God, God renews all the wonders of God and we can thus see much more through them because they forever will become for more as also God will be for more as well as he that glorifies!

Man sees through his knowledge

Whatever things, even thoughts, no matter how minimum they may be, for God are complete, but for man are lack, are very little things or even insignificant. Because in truth, man sees through his very own knowledge and not through the knowledge of God, which renews God forever more as much more!

And so that man renews as God, man not only needs the knowledge of God but man also needs the acknowledgement of God because only God can acknowledge God or add to God!

Thought renews

Sometimes an enemy can be as if an unexpected friend, because he can make one to truly think. And true thought is what really makes the things as if new and truly also as if abundant. True thought is in truth what takes one completely to God, because he that has no thought for himself or true thought thus he cannot believe and if he does not believe, he cannot arrive or he cannot reenter life as if new and as if in true abundance.

The rich and the poor

A man with true gladness and with true joy, even though a poor man, can conquer any woman or can have a better life! But a man with true sadness, even though a rich man, loses any woman or loses any good life!

Because in truth, true gladness and true joy bring forth rebirth or renew all of those that true gladness and true joy touch! But sadness departs even the most mature…

However, true gladness and true joy come only from God but God will grant true gladness and true joy to one for one honestly seeking God so that one as God can be reborn in abundance from gladness and from joy…

To renew the Creator

Of nothing really serves creation if there is not a living man to not only renew creation, but also to renew the Creator. Because in truth, man has really the power in life as son beloved to renew the Creator to Father beloved!

Because in truth, God the Creator is revived as beloved in everyone who is alive!