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A Useless Point

Element Seveni17We do not have to be experts or have knowledge about the elements or mathematics to know that the number one really is a presentation of more and that the zero is a neutral point with many possibilities and that the negative really is lack of one or the negative is a denial of one and now one is negative and that way also transforming a neutral point into a negative point and even into a useless point.


Zero and the point of view

The very law, be it natural or be it unnatural for being human, or be it perfect or be it imperfect for being human, the very law begins with one and ends in zero. And zero is a point of view. Zero is a physical and true representation of something which in truth is not. But nothing begins in or with zero because the beginning of things in truth is one or more as the end of things is a zero because zero is in truth a representation of what once was but now is not.