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Death or Rebirth

When I keep myself in a tall silence is because one of two things overcame me, death or rebirth. But if I died thus my bones will say so and much later my dust.

But if I overcame death, thus my body herself will glow or shine thus speaking louder than my cry for joy or my words of mouth…


When something is complete

One can truly tell when something is complete when it can be added more through words, good words. And only man alive as well as God can do such a good deed, truly add to things already complete…

The miracles of things I can’t see

I am once again in most things, too often in too many words, words not even my own.
I am even in that which I cannot see or comprehend; and the simpler I become, the sooner and the more in things I will be.
I am not that much complicated as I am that much in simplicity; and as I stand as a man, not erect, but still, the miracles of things I can’t see, but feel, will come to be.