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Birth only is from a man and from a woman even though the child came out from the woman as the seed only came out from a man.

But that woman will only have a child if that woman knew a man and she humbled to that man and that man impregnated her with his seed of man.

But rebirth only is for the conscious beings and it is only through their very mouth and never ever through the mouth of another, as many have come to believe that it has already been done for them…

Thus, to be reborn or to receive rebirth one must be alive and conscious because one must accept for oneself rebirth, which really is an expansion of mental consciousness with gladness and with joy and also with the good feeling of abundance or of a greater or taller presence…


Man’s true destiny

The man and the woman felt ashamed of the naked truth, the naked truth which was their true destiny. Man truly is a vase for pleasure and for pleasure man, therefore, must present himself to the Creator. Man is not an empty vase because in man there is everything he needs to complete his true destiny, which is on the right side of God as the right side of God. But after his birth, man seeks pleasure away from himself which leads him away from rebirth and three steps further away from his true destiny. But as long as man is still alive, man can repent or turn around and seek God because only God can truly give man the knowledge of rebirth as God gave man the knowledge of creation thus allowing or granting man consciousness or self-awareness.

Birth and Rebirth

Birth is to come out from the entrails of a man and enter into the entrails of a woman and within her struggle or contend for peace and for knowledge. And once one has overcome, one will receive the peace and the knowledge to take the form of a child or the form of a son. And once one’s form is completed as a child or as a son, be born alive into the entrails of the world and within her once again struggle or contend for the peace and for the knowledge of rebirth to be able to continue in the entrails of the world but continue as a new child or as a new son…

Now then, rebirth is done through one’s very request for the peace and for the knowledge or the acknowledgement from above for one to be able to continue in life right here on the very earth as if in the very heavens and with one’s very form and as if one never ever struggled or as if one never ever contended because one will feel as if one were always in this grandiose state of grace and of glory…

Without Rebirth

If one came out or if one were thrown out from the womb of a man into the womb of the world, one would die even though in a multitude. If one came out or if one were thrown from the womb of a woman before one was formed, one would die. And if one came out or if one were thrown from the womb of the world into outer space, even though a man and a multitude of forms, one will die!

Because in truth, without birth nothing is born! And without rebirth, nothing survives or nothing lives on. But once one is reborn or one is renewed, the earth is as if a new earth and to leave it is as useless as emptiness because now the earth is more abundant because of one’s rebirth.

Now then, rebirth has nothing to do with dying or nothing to do with death because rebirth truly has to do everything with life as birth has everything to do with life. And death is because of the lack of life, because of the lack of the continuation of life or because of the lack of the expansion of life.

The law or the knowledge given to one

When one overcame in the womb of a woman, all the rest that fought to overcome kept from fighting or from doing and all died, a great multitude died while one rested and was transformed into the knowledge or into the law received because of one doing or because of one overcoming!

Now then, the law or the knowledge given to one was because of what one did for oneself and never was because of what another did. And once one has kept from doing for oneself thus one will die for oneself and never one will die for another as neither another will ever die for one.

The rich and the poor

A man with true gladness and with true joy, even though a poor man, can conquer any woman or can have a better life! But a man with true sadness, even though a rich man, loses any woman or loses any good life!

Because in truth, true gladness and true joy bring forth rebirth or renew all of those that true gladness and true joy touch! But sadness departs even the most mature…

However, true gladness and true joy come only from God but God will grant true gladness and true joy to one for one honestly seeking God so that one as God can be reborn in abundance from gladness and from joy…

Unseasoned and unloving

To eat unseasoned meat can be very beneficial, but to live with an unloving or uncaring woman is not. For in truth, those who restrain their names to be among the unloving or to be with the uncaring, those have restrained what they can really do and because of restraining what they can really do, they have also restrained what they can really understand or can really know.

And to come to really understand or to really know was to overcome! And to overcome was to have really received the salvation of the loving Father!