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A gift without obligation

Wisdom of heart returns, but only returns to he that was, is and will be wise. And being wise is a lovely gift from God without obligation toward God. Also wisdom of heart is a very loving consul from God and also without obligation toward God. But if there is no grace in the mouth of the wise after the wisdom of heart, thus the wise is wise in vanity.


Wisdom and her two sides

Wisdom of heart has two sides, one to make the foolish wiser; but if he wants not, then the more foolish! The other side is to make the wise wiser and glorify God for being wise!

Wisdom is of God

A true wise man gives thanks and glory to God for wisdom is of God. But before any man can have wisdom of God, that man fears God and that man knows the true meaning behind given thanks and glory. Now, to give thanks is in truth requesting the awesome presence of God so that God can be really glorified by the one giving thanks and glory!

Thus, be extra careful when given real or royal thanks to God for he may grant it to you!

Son and father

He that in truth demands from the son for one or for another, nothing will have them both! But he that in truth demands the son for the son very self, thus both in truth will have and both will have in truth in double the abundance. The son will be beloved and wise for his work for the father and the father will also be beloved and wise for his work for the son.

The wise man and the pride

When a wise man is in truth honored and even praised by the town and that wise man does not give thanks to the town in the name of God, which in truth is beloved, thus that wise man has become filled with pride and because of pride that wise man in truth becomes lost and the town also forgets the wise man and the wisdom which takes to pride and to get lost.

Thus, pride puts one, any one, before a never ending dead end road and if ever there were true wisdom in one, true wisdom returned to God because true wisdom is of God and he that in truth gives thanks to God through her, through her he will receive more wisdom from God.