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The true foundation

A good foundation or a true foundation can be always added to. But a foundation in doctrine, of those that the wind takes or of those that cannot pause time, cannot be added to because of being doctrine and will not be any space for more or for other and better ideas.

Because in truth, the good foundation or the true foundation is the very foundation that is but one in truth! Because in truth, to one can be truly added to no matter how complete one may be or how incomplete one may be. And when one is in truth complete, complete through complete knowledge, thus in truth one will be able to even pause the very times and because of one being a complete foundation thus one also will be able to truly add to everything else, even though also everything else may be in truth complete as one is in truth complete and because of being in truth complete, in truth one completes!

Because in truth, every conscious living being that in truth comes to be a true foundation or a complete foundation, thus that conscious living being will have the power to repair creation so that creation does not stop from being because the conscious living is in truth a living cell to save alive…


When there is no more

When truly it is finished, thus there and then it hurts more and there is no more; but the total loss truly is when one is no more, even though time continues as if nothing. When one is no more, everything ended for one, even eternity will never be the same for lack of one and even the wind will not blow the same.

Therefore, truly do to truly be reborn and one does not lack and one truly be much more and because of one truly being much more thus for much more forever one will be and eternity will be also much more for one.