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Contention and Salvation

Without contention there is no salvation. He that does not wear a girdle and seeks or runs for the truth of life thus he will die and because of dying thus he was born in vain. Because in truth, to die was because of living in vain or in vanity!


If one wants to see more

If one wants to see more, one simply learns a little more. And the more one learned, the more one saw. And then nothing or anything is vanity! Read, learn and see! Furthermore, when one presents oneself as more or for more thus as more or for more everything else becomes as more or for more until one truly becomes as more or for more and then everything becomes forever abundant and forever abundant everything refreshes, even one becomes as if one was forever two or more.

The True Happiness of One

If God the good and very loving Creator is not one’s happiness, thus everything which one has done and will do is and will be forever vanity, even one’s very death was because of vanity, not doing for God and the true happiness which is God to be able to be reborn and thus continue with life but with God or united to God because without God there is no more life and even less there will be true happiness..

To sin and die

To lose life was because of sin and to sin was to die and to die was to lose every possibility of reviving or of rebirth because to revive or to be reborn one requires life. To sin was to deviate from the road toward life and to live in vain as an empty vase which never filled and because of never filled the vase was thrown to a side as nothing or as of vanity.

Everything for nothing

If my faith does not take me to be renamed from above from the holy heavens and in life giving me new life, thus I have had faith in vain and for that I will continue to die until death!

Thus in truth, faith is as he that adopts and does not rename his adoption in the just moment as his inheritor, his adoption or his breeding was all for nothing or everything for vanity!

And so much will die he that adopted as he that was adopted if through that adoption they were not renewed or were not revived or were not reborn as one in complete abundance…

A gift without obligation

Wisdom of heart returns, but only returns to he that was, is and will be wise. And being wise is a lovely gift from God without obligation toward God. Also wisdom of heart is a very loving consul from God and also without obligation toward God. But if there is no grace in the mouth of the wise after the wisdom of heart, thus the wise is wise in vanity.

Life equals plus

Life equals understanding or life is truly about knowing plus abundance of joy, but the joy of God. Anything else is but vanity! Because in truth, the joy of God in one not only gives rebirth to one but also the joy of God in one gives God rebirth and therefore renewing the earth as the very heavens…