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If the fruit is not eaten

If the fruit is not eaten, then the fruit is not complete and the tree has produced the fruit in vain. Everything which exists or which is is knowledge one way or another. The fruit in the tree is knowledge five different ways and five different ways the fruit feeds the body and it may also feed the mind which in turn feeds the brain which in turn expands the mind or allows for more conscious mind to the conscious being.


To be Born in Vain

Creation or existence or even to exist is all based about adoption or to adapt in adoption, because if one’s parents do not adopt one as son after one’s birth and one does not adapt to that adoption thus one has been born in vain…

When one is born alive into the womb that is the world

When one is born alive into the womb that is world, one truly is born as contender because one brings to the world knowledge as contender for being victorious and being born alive and the very world, ironically, justifies or reconfirms that one is a contender. But the world or those that received one do not give continuation to that very same knowledge which one brought to the world and practically one loses that knowledge of one and later loses the form because of the death of one when life truly has its grandiose purpose, which truly begins after one is reborn and does not begin after one dies because to die was to live in vain…

To sin and die

To lose life was because of sin and to sin was to die and to die was to lose every possibility of reviving or of rebirth because to revive or to be reborn one requires life. To sin was to deviate from the road toward life and to live in vain as an empty vase which never filled and because of never filled the vase was thrown to a side as nothing or as of vanity.

Everything for nothing

If my faith does not take me to be renamed from above from the holy heavens and in life giving me new life, thus I have had faith in vain and for that I will continue to die until death!

Thus in truth, faith is as he that adopts and does not rename his adoption in the just moment as his inheritor, his adoption or his breeding was all for nothing or everything for vanity!

And so much will die he that adopted as he that was adopted if through that adoption they were not renewed or were not revived or were not reborn as one in complete abundance…

Effort without thought

He that does not find to eat is because he does not have the sufficient hunger or he does not make an effort to seek and because of his lack of effort thus his lack he will have.

Now then, any effort without thought is an effort in vain and that which is made in vain thus will take one also to a vain need, vain because it will not take form. Everything that the human being does is because of thought or because of knowledge, because everything that is done because of thought or because of knowledge brings true gladness and true joy and true gladness and true joy make the human being for more and because of the human being thus being for more thus also everything else, because everything else is for the human being or through the human being…

Without the challenge

Without the simple challenge or the simple struggle or even the simple motion, simple because everything needed to overcome is there, thus the trophy or the recompense, which is life, truly would be useless and in vain. The simple challenge or the simple struggle or even the very simple run is so that there is departure from the loving grace and through the lack of the loving grace, lack when before there was so much that one could not see, now see the abundance that was and through the simple challenge or the simple struggle or even the simple motion or run thus one returns to the loving grace so that everything can be united through one as forever new.