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A Useless Point

Element Seveni17We do not have to be experts or have knowledge about the elements or mathematics to know that the number one really is a presentation of more and that the zero is a neutral point with many possibilities and that the negative really is lack of one or the negative is a denial of one and now one is negative and that way also transforming a neutral point into a negative point and even into a useless point.


Two thoughts

One cannot have two thoughts at the very same time because, if not, both are lost and one does for nothing for nothing to become. A thought are pieces of knowledge which are pieces of matter. And as the same as is matter, a thought can be useful or useless, but even though useless, a thought can occupy good space and not allow for a good thought to enter and materialize in the form of real gladness and real joy, which in truth give rebirth and everything becomes as if it were always new!

Without the challenge

Without the simple challenge or the simple struggle or even the simple motion, simple because everything needed to overcome is there, thus the trophy or the recompense, which is life, truly would be useless and in vain. The simple challenge or the simple struggle or even the very simple run is so that there is departure from the loving grace and through the lack of the loving grace, lack when before there was so much that one could not see, now see the abundance that was and through the simple challenge or the simple struggle or even the simple motion or run thus one returns to the loving grace so that everything can be united through one as forever new.

When the reinforcements do not arrive

The reinforcements arrive so that one fights and overcomes when there is nothing to fight with. If the reinforcements do not arrive even though they were requested for, then it is because one still has what to fight with and overcomes with but one knows not how to use what is left!

That is the very reason that one must request knowledge, to thus be able to use what one already has because if one knows not how to use what one has, thus useless will it be to request for more!

Hidden beauty

Hidden beauty, even though eternal beauty, is useless beauty even though if real or if royal beauty. And there is no beauty, eternal or real, until someone says so…And there is nothing until someone says so…And if there is nothing, but no one to say so, then there is something, even if eternal nothing…