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To do to Understand

Of nothing serves to look and see if nothing comes out of one’s mouth and gives grace. Thus, to live and to be reborn one must use one’s mouth to request knowledge and once one is lend or one is granted knowledge thus one does with that knowledge so that one is able to understand and respond with understanding, which truly is to enter into the grandiose tent and take the position offered even though a minor position as savior…


Such is the form of the human being

One can wait all life for something that one has desired with all heart and when it arrives as if suddenly, one does not understand it and rejects it! Such is the form of the human being and that form because he did not take form to receive the form that he waited for.

One waits because in truth one has done and the true wait or the hope is what gives form not only to what it is being waited for, but also gives form to one so one because of the form of one, the thing waited for will be seeing complete no matter how small it may be because one has truly become complete through hope.

To understand and triumph

To understand was to triumph. And to triumph was to understand the things of God. And to understand the things of God was to enter in the things of God that only he with true knowledge or understanding of God can enter into them and see them and enjoy them and truly glorify God as much more than God….

To be inside the tent

To understand is to be inside the good tent. To understand is to be in a major or in a better point of view or even in a royal view. To know is to be before the good tent waiting to truly understand, which waiting be invited to enter to enter into true life or into royal life, which truly is to enter into salvation.

True knowledge is the only good road which can take one to enter in the good tent, in the good tent where there is God, but God as loving Father beloved…

One needs to know

To believe is to know, but without the grandiose work or without the grandiose movement or without the real fight, one truly cannot understand what is believed and what is known so that the faith can take real form. But even though one truly does not understand, one really needs to know or one really needs to receive real knowledge or acknowledgement so that one can take real form!

The hook that is the human eye

What really grabs one or something is the eye of one, one’s eye! Oh, my God, if only I could see in truth so that in truth I would understand! But to see in truth, one has to believe or one has to know, even though without one understanding! And when one believes or when one knows, then to understand will be to have!