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Reality is a point of view

Reality changes with knowledge and knowledge is gathered through motion or through doing and even through observation.

Thus, all trees look alike until they a given a name and so now those trees with names are seen more than other trees without names even though those trees without names are more than those with names.

And that is how reality is changed or expanded or even updated, knowledge and the greater or taller the knowledge thus the greater or taller reality.


If the fruit is not eaten

If the fruit is not eaten, then the fruit is not complete and the tree has produced the fruit in vain. Everything which exists or which is is knowledge one way or another. The fruit in the tree is knowledge five different ways and five different ways the fruit feeds the body and it may also feed the mind which in turn feeds the brain which in turn expands the mind or allows for more conscious mind to the conscious being.

That which already is will not arrive

That which already is will not arrive. And so to see that which is and cannot be seen, one has to believe; and believe is understanding. Believe, understand and see and thus become. But to truly believe one needs knowledge because knowledge gives form and reform and things are seen through there form. When one, for example, studies a certain tree or now knows the name of a certain tree thus one begins to see that certain tree in places where one once looked before but the certain tree was not seen.

Naked shadow

A father or even a husband who does not love is really like a tree without leaves, creating a shadow which in truth benefits no one. That is to say in truth, a father who does not love is an unknown father and an unknown father is a son unknown and a son unknown, do without really knowing and doing without knowing is doing and is living in vanity and living in vanity is to die and to die was for not knowing.

The good tree of royal crowns

The good and real tree of real life grows fruits as real crowns. And the real crown is the grand and real reward which will be given to him who understands or is granted real knowledge and triumphs because of his real understanding or his real knowledge.

But he who stretches his hand and takes the real reward without being victorious, thus in truth he will be put to shame! And if he does not ask for forgiveness for stealing, it will be very difficult for him to understand or to know and thus very difficult to become as new.

The good and real tree of real life grows real crowns for he who in truth comes to know or to really understand and to him will be declared real son by the good Master Who planted the good and real tree.