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The Kingdom of God

The Kingdom of God truly is not about ever entering, but the Kingdom of God truly is about forever receiving. And receiving truly is about being renamed alive from above by God who truly grants or who truly gives in abundance, in double abundance, in double abundance, which truly can be up to five grandiose portions!

All of the entering and all of the exits of life are closed once one is born, but the only entrance or exit is of death if one dies. But death is the only entrance or exit which leads to nowhere because death truly is the end of any other possibility.

Now, the Kingdom of God is not as it was painted by the dead or by those that are about to be dead because if they truly knew about the Kingdom of God, they would be in the Kingdom of God as God! They also would know that the Kingdom of God has everything to do with the earth and with man, but with the earth as in the very heavens and man as the very son beloved of God and God as the very Father of every man alive.

Now then, life alive has nothing to do with death or with dying because nothing comes out from death. Death came after life because of life deviating from life or from the continuation of life and death is the end of life.