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Waiting through hope

As long as there is life, there is hope; but if there is no hope, then hope for hope because hope is the only true road, the only true avenue or the only true street that truly takes and that truly brings to one truly waiting in hope.


An unseen road

Hope is an unseen road.
At times hope is a very narrow street,
an avenue or even an unexpected detour!
Hope like the flower in the plant is to attract
that which already is. And joy will bring one to that reality!
One can hurry hope by being joyful and thankful as graceful.
But pause from being joyful and from being thankful as graceful
and one has paused hope or one has paused the thing waited for.
And being anxious will also keep away the things planted in hope.
Thus, anticipate in joy and the thing planted in hope will get there fast enough.

The Blame


There was a snake in one of two streets.
At times it was before one and then the other,
trying to convince the other part of me
to turn left right at the first tree,
bite and eat.

Yeah, that’s me in the middle,
with two eyes but one I shared
with the other half of me!

And with one mouth that I had also to share!
So the other half of me bit, but I swallowed.
And now I saw my naked shadow striped.

They removed the snake from the streets,
away from the fruit trees!
And now the streets are more naked than we;
and although that snake left,
we are doing the crawling;
but only because I blame the other half of me!

Oh, how straight and up right I would walk
if I just took the blame and put it behind the cross
I refuse to cross and to bear!