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Heaven is not as heaven is painted

Heaven is not as heaven is painted, more like stained, stained by human eyes; but the earth is worst, for the earth is stained, stained in human blood. And what happens on the earth also happens in the heavens and the heavens may react in favor or against the earth. But the heavens will not react if the earth does not react or act. And so the heavens can be painted or more like stained according to man and according to man the heavens will react or act. But if man truly acted or reacted according to the will of the heavens, the earth would be as the heavens because man would be living in harmony.


Why the law?

If a law were ever given or were ever demanded, the law was given because of the count or given because of the few that were going to blemish or to stain the many; and because of the count or because of the few, the many will die!

The struggle to know

The lack or the need does not make one, but rather, the struggle to know the lack or the need makes one or gives form to one so that with that form one does and the lack or the need stops from being.

Now then, a lack or a need does not cover another lack or another need. Thus, he who marks or stains his body is because he wants to cover the lack or the need which is in his soul and that lack or that need is of son, of feeling son beloved but without the struggle to know.

Be joyful!

The true smile, which also can be an eternal smile, was always in one, but the blows, the desolation and the hypocrisy of the world have swollen the face and the face have stained!

But sometimes one smiles with the face stained, but the stained face does not take form even though one truly smiled! But there is comfort, so be truly glad and truly joyful!

Because in truth, you can seek he that truly can with a single word give real form and he can also make things new, new forever, as an eternal smile!

Without the red stain

Without the red stain of blood in truth there is no victory or birth. That is to truthfully say, without the red stain of true joy on the face of the servant beloved of God there will not be any birth or rebirth of son beloved of God. Because in truth, without the true joy of God in the servant beloved of God thus the servant beloved of God cannot be reborn as son beloved of God because the joy of God in the servant beloved of God is what gives birth and rebirth to the servant beloved of God as son beloved of God.