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Blinded in the light

When sight is granted to a blind man, he now begins to stumble where once he did not stumble; for now he cannot recognize in the good light his very spirit. But once the once blinded comes to know or to understand the good light, thus the once blinded will no longer be blinded in the light.


With the real joy of the loving Father

The joy of man is what makes man. The joy of man becomes united to man as if it were his gladness or his spirit, but man as son cannot in truth come to the loving Father with the joy or with the spirit of a brother or of another son because it would be hypocrisy because it would be love through another and not love through oneself because the love of one is the love which in truth counts for one and really speaks for one!

Thus in truth, to come to the loving Father, one comes with the joy of the Father in one and one comes in truth as the real son of the loving Father. The joy of the loving Father in the real son is the gladness or the spirit of the loving Father in the real son.

The spirit and the body

Put your complete gladness or your good spirit and your body will humble in truth with complete gladness or with complete spirit for more…

For in truth, gladness or a new spirit is the joy of God which one feels from God because God has put it in one for one seeking God with gladness or with a good spirit. And that joy of God which one will multiply, add and divide to share, thus in truth will take one complete to the loving grace of God…

The law and the skin

The gladness and the joy are known through the skin. Naked skin shows shame to him who has no knowledge or has no understanding of the naked skin. The resurrection is proven or is manifested through the skin. The skin is the law of the body and through the skin the body obeys the law. The living law is proven through the living skin.

Without skin there is no lack. And while there is skin dying, death waits! The gladness or that which is called the spirit of God only can be given by God, but only when there is living skin and that skin alive desires the gladness or that which is called the spirit of God.

When the skin is lacking, thus also lacks the living law and lacks the gladness of God. Without skin there is neither law nor there is knowledge of God. And without the knowledge of God, the skin will not revive and death is what will be, death will be according to the law of God.

To end, without the skin the person cannot be seen. And even though the skin is not the person, the skin represents the person because the skin speaks for the person as the skin spoke for the person at the person’s birth.

But when the person takes complete form and there is no longer expansion of the skin, thus if the person does not speak for the skin, the skin will die and the skin will lose its form as also the very person will lose the form.

The gladness of God

The good spirit or the good inspiration of God, which in truth is the gladness of God, dwells in truth in the wisdom of heart. And wisdom of heart comes from God because through her is that in truth is prepared the dwelling of God.

Now then, wisdom of heart or true wisdom of God comes to everyone that in truth came to seek of God and God granted him to draw near and be illuminated and because of that drawing near and that illumination thus the seeker came to have true faith or real faith and through that true faith or real faith thus the seeker within a very short time also came to have true fear of God or the real fear of God because the seeker feared to say or to think something that would anger or that would offend God. The scare of the fear departed, although not the true fear and the wisdom of heart started to arrive to the fearing seeker and through her he in truth praises and gives grace to God as Creator.

Thus in truth, without the true gladness of God in one thus there is in truth no true fear of God and without the true fear of God in one thus in truth there will not be wisdom of heart and without wisdom of heart thus one will never be dwelling of God because in truth God prepares one as dwelling of God through wisdom of heart or through the true wisdom of God. And without dwelling thus one will stop breathing and will die and because of dying thus one will stop from existing…