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When One’s Destiny is Great

When one’s destiny is great, great things take their time to manifest or become so that one can enter in them and then they can speak or shine through one or as one.


When one was confirmed into the world as son

When one was confirmed into the world as son, as son one did in the world such as to see as son, to hear as son, to feel as son, to speak as son. And one’s parents also begun to do as much more for the fact of becoming parents but that act of parents came to the limit because they truly could not see beyond and stopped from being parents for coming to die and the son also stopped from being son even though alive…

Through the living mouth

What will save man alive is what will come from the living mouth of man alive, for according to the saying through man alive, thus God will complete it! Because in truth, if man alive learns not the things of God and the things of God are learned or are known through doing the things of God, man will not be able to speak or to respond and say Father…so that it can be said to him son and son beloved…

Those that open wide the mouths

Those that truly open wide their mouths to speak without thinking, thus in truth they cannot hear themselves speak much less think!

And the good silence truly has a purpose. The good silence is before one and one after the good silence. And if one does not do after the good silence, thus one cannot blame silence.

To what the dead testify to

The dead through their deformed body can only testify to two things, that they were once alive and with form and that now are dead and without form!

That is the reason that one has to speak in life to not only one be heard but also that in life one be responded to and the pardon requested for be forever our witness of life when one is responded to from above.

In life he that does not open his mouth dies and because of dead forever will have his mouth closed. He for dead his destiny he has thrown to a side, into the tomb, into the tomb from where nothing comes out because for nothing was thrown and for nothing has become!