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The Small which Enlarges

The small truly is what moves the large or the tall and the large or the tall once again moves the small to move the large or the tall…

Because in truth, there was always movement or the grandiose feeling that there was more after doing the movement and move and rest and after the rest become as if new and as if larger or taller no matter how small or how larger or how tall…

And the movement as if it never ever was made because of not remembering the tiredness after the rest and thus becoming for much more…


According to One’s Knowledge

According to one’s knowledge, one sees things. And if one sees things much greater than one, one is seeing things with one’s small knowledge. And if one sees things smaller than one, one is seeing things with one’s small knowledge.

To see one greater or taller than things, thus one to things must give the knowledge of greater or of taller or of grandiose so that things also to one give the knowledge of great or of tall or of grandiose. And one will never be small no matter how small one is and the small will never be small to one no matter how small the small because knowledge gives form as also reform…

The Small which makes the Great

Existence is infinite or without size. Existence runs or she expands toward all sides at the very same time and at the very same time existence also compresses toward all sides, that way also adding to her very self an infinite weight and an infinite size. That is to say, existence adds to herself, she multiplies herself, she divides herself and existence also subtracts her very self or from her very self to be able to become forever for more and even for new.

True love completes

When one truly loves, one’s half becomes another’s complete half, because true love completes what needs to be completed and true love adds to what is already is complete. Now, the truth, no matter how small, completes all the rest because the truth, no matter how small, is always complete and being complete, the truth completes.

He that builds an arc of comfort

He that in truth studies the word, he is in truth building an arc of comfort, where the very question in truth is the glue and unites in truth the very small with the very large and unites also the very low with the very high and the interest is so great as the waters which brings comfort to the other side, leaving everything vain behind for a new life so complete in gladness and in joy as God!