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The miracles of things I can’t see

I am once again in most things, too often in too many words, words not even my own.
I am even in that which I cannot see or comprehend; and the simpler I become, the sooner and the more in things I will be.
I am not that much complicated as I am that much in simplicity; and as I stand as a man, not erect, but still, the miracles of things I can’t see, but feel, will come to be.



simple creatures pretending to be complex;

educating ourselves to be dumb;

dressing our simple body because we believe it’s more complex naked;

not noting that it’s more complex dressed;

not noting that inside is now naked;

and so we created the bikini and the naked picture,

to make things worst;

and so no verse is written to dress

or undress the beauty of simplicity

and the simplicity of beauty;

for whom or what can write a whole verse

when he or it knows the whole thought?

soon, we shall be so naked,

that soon we shall be not noting that we are

so naked.