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Death or Rebirth

When I keep myself in a tall silence is because one of two things overcame me, death or rebirth. But if I died thus my bones will say so and much later my dust.

But if I overcame death, thus my body herself will glow or shine thus speaking louder than my cry for joy or my words of mouth…


Give Yourself the Best

All ways give yourself the very best. And the very best that you can really give yourself is the truth herself.  Seek her and she will truly begin to manifest or to show herself joyfully to you until she is inside of you and once she is inside of you or with you, thus she will speak with gladness and with joy through you just as your body has spoken for you, but this time your body will glow or will shine as the light shines…

He who is not born in joy

He who was not born in joy, thus for him becomes very difficult, nearly impossible, to do even for himself! And if he does not do the very minimum for himself, thus he will never have true knowledge to be reborn, but this time be reborn with all joy, so much joy that it will shine from his very soul!

When the light arrives

When the light arrives, even the very blind know it! But the blind know it not because of the warmth of the light, but they know it because their souls, even though blind and empty, have come out from darkness to humble for more in the very light which they cannot see but that shines because of them!