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Do to have true faith

Do to have true faith so that through her or with her you can get to the edge of the heavens and the heavens will complete her as well as you and the earth will also become one with the heavens because the heavens will reward you for seeking faith because through her you have awaken the heavens and given the heavens importance and the reward to you truly is as grandiose as the heavens.


Without Repentance

Repentance truly is to come to know or is to recognize. No one really repents without knowing or without understanding or without really knowing as to why, because repentance really is to make half a turn or is to turn around back to where one came or to where one exited from.

But no one repents or no one turns back around until not really understanding or until not really knowing that there no longer is anything more or nothing better forward, but only what remained behind and ironically for what no longer was behind thus one when forward to seek with hope of finding, but one knew not that what one really sought was one formed or one transformed or one reformed!

Believe and faith

Of no use is to believe in God if one repents not, which is to turn around and humble for the better! Of no use is to believe in God if one seeks him not, because in seeking God, God will allow one to draw near and be illuminated so that through the illumination of God, one has faith of God and through that faith of God, one be nurtured or be refined or be weaned as beloved of God and once fully nurtured or fully refined or fully weaned as beloved of God, one be called by God into the salvation of God…

When it becomes impossible already having

When some need, they seek he that truly has, even though it may be the very minimum, and no one seeks he who does not have. And they even do the impossible to seek that which is of another. But when they come to have for themselves, they also do the impossible to not share, not even the very minimum of joy, the true joy which truly completes no matter how small the possession that one may have.

Effort and interest

When someone pretends to look for the truth and he asks one where one found the truth, thus obviously he never sought, not even once! Because the truth is really found with effort and with interest and when the truth is really found, the truth also is understood because now one is the very truth!