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Because of lack of attraction

I left and sadly did I leave because of lack of attraction from another, that other being my partner, my companion.

After six months, I called and was asked by her to return and that I would actually get tired of so much love and caring.

I returned. I humbly presented myself. I cared, but nothing was ever reflected back to me, and so I turned around and returned back from where I left the second time.

The parallel road

Son, my firstborn son, who has become as if the second for taking the other road, there really is another road and that real road, is parallel to the road of the world. But, son, that other and good road cannot be crossed because it has not any crossings or borders. Son, you can only get there when you seek the one who made that good road and when he who made that good road lets himself be found, he who made the good road will lift you with his loving grace and he will put you there in that other and good road.

And if you get really interested in he who made that other and good road, thus he who made that other and good road will test you and if you reject the tests, no longer he who made that other and good road will bother you so that you can continue on the road of the world until your very end.

But, my son, very foolish are you if you return after felling the loving grace, because now nothing will ever be for you the same as before!

To arrive to the heavens

To arrive to the heavens in truth one needs much practice, but death in truth is not at all practice. Death in truth was to fail the practice, the practice which is life!

Now then, part of the practice in truth is to bring the heavens to the earth so that the earth in truth becomes as earths or as a third earth and the heavens as a third heaven…

Because in truth, we are already on a second earth and the heavens also are a second heaven and when the earth again is reborn through the loving grace of the good Creator thus the heavens also will become as a third heaven the same as the very earth!