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As Royal one enters the Kingdom of the Heavens

It is really entered or one really enters into the grandiose kingdom of God as royal or realist and never ever as a believer of fantasies or a believer of lies or even believer of false believes.

Salvation is not a Greek tragedy in where a god gives his life because of giving fire to man or because of giving illumination of how the heavens really function or what really is the will of God toward man, whose name really is from dust to dust.

In other words, the entrance to the grandiose kingdom of God really has everything to do with one’s conscious mind and the knowledge granted to her because of the act of oneself and never ever because of the act of another even though his is nicknamed a god…

Now then, the kingdom of God is a major or a higher state of consciousness or of identity in where one through the act of one is granted salvation as savior beloved and if one accepts thus one has entered the kingdom of God as savior and prince beloved of God…

True happiness

True or royal happiness does not make her very self or does not manifest alone or on her own. True or royal happiness one must do for her until one converse into her or one becomes her and through her one will see oneself with gladness and with joy in her as she in one.

The road toward immortality

The real road, real road as in royal road, toward immortality is unbeaten, unmarked and is a road without tread or trampled and as of yet has not been travelled by anyone, perhaps started but never finished or completed, but transformed into an idea or rumor or a fantasy or a lie for money or a position by those that know something of the road but do not cross it or understand it so that they can become the road.

Without royal knowledge

Without true knowledge, of nothings serves the victory and the victory without true knowledge is another battle or struggle for true knowledge or acknowledgement.

Now then, the very same as above is with belief. Without true knowledge of nothing really serves belief. Because in truth, according to the true knowledge which with one presents oneself to life, thus one will truly be acknowledge into life!

The present

One is the present, but one is the present as long as one is alive. And the more real knowledge that one has, thus more as royal present one is!

Now then, one is different presents to many others for to father one is son and to brother one is brother and so on. But once one becomes a royal present through receiving real knowledge, thus now one is the same present to all the rest because now one is savior…