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One casted one’s eyes into infinity

One casted one’s eyes into infinity. One eye rolled to the left and the other eye rolled to the right. When they rested, infinity had shrunk. But one also had shrunk because as infinity divides infinity becomes smaller instead of multiplying with that division. But if one adds to infinity as one did when one was born alive into the world, infinity will also add to one gladness and joy and also add to one the very grandiose feeling of abundance or of plenitude in the very grandiose anticipation of greater or higher or taller things to come or become because of one adding to what was already perfect but yet unseen by one.


To choose is to complete

Meditation or belief means getting before the intersection before death and thus making the right turn, if there is any right turn to make. To go through is to come after, but to choose is to truly complete or to become as first, despite of the many others that already did.

Obligation is lack

That which is obligated is not seen right and what is not seen right, thus cannot become right because obligation is lack. Everything done is obligation, even if done for love, but if the love adds to he who loves as also adds to he who is loved, thus the lack is subtracted and it is no longer and has also become as if it never were…

Because in truth, true love makes forever the things as new and as if they never lacked…

Unity and division

Unity, as well as division, causes real trials and real errors. The trials are so that one can learn right and right do and because of doing right, never forget right. The errors are because of not remembering the right and those who do not remember the right, error because there is really nothing left…

Perhaps and the truth

Perhaps is not part of the truth. The truth is simply the truth and the simpler the truth, the greater the truth. When one finds the truth for really seeking the truth, the truth will put one right between two intersections and right after one of them there is hope. And the hope is to see if one continues in the very truth because now one is the greater part of the truth or to see if one turns back after the hope and then cross into perhaps, the last and final crossing where there is nothing, not even a hope of turning back or going forth…

On the right side

Because one in truth adding to the world not only through birth alive, but also adding to the world through rebirth alive, and it is reborn alive through what comes out from the mouth as in the form of birth, thus one in truth will be added to the right side of the Father beloved Creator God! And what one in truth says on the right side of the Master Father, thus one has said it in truth as if the very God Father Himself! And what one has said in truth as the very God Father, thus it will be in truth for all the times because in truth it has being said the very truth!