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When the reinforcements do not arrive

The reinforcements arrive so that one fights and overcomes when there is nothing to fight with. If the reinforcements do not arrive even though they were requested for, then it is because one still has what to fight with and overcomes with but one knows not how to use what is left!

That is the very reason that one must request knowledge, to thus be able to use what one already has because if one knows not how to use what one has, thus useless will it be to request for more!

To be reborn to never die

Many are born in true gladness and in true joy, but know it not for they were not told. But to know true gladness and true joy is to be reborn to never die. Now then, true gladness and true joy are of God and God never dies and that is the very reason one must seek God because God will put true gladness and true joy in one. In fact, one will be Gods true gladness and true joy!