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God is the reality known

God is the reality known plus one’s very own believe or one’s point of view plus three times or more the doubt or the reality unknown. The more of God is known, the more God or the more reality really is or is seen or known and the less the doubt or the less the reality unknown and the greater one becomes or remains because now one is as if one was forever new.


The more understanding of reality

The more understanding of reality one has of reality, the greater reality will be to one as one will be to reality. Reality or existence has to do with knowledge and acknowledgement, even unseen reality has to do with knowledge and acknowledgement.

Existence Forever Will Become For More

Only he that has in reality, in reality is he that can deny. Because he that does not have, what can he deny if nothing is also something? And if he does not have, why dos he offer? Will he have more because of offering without having?

But existence never ever denies for less or for nothing but existence always humbles for much more. Nothing is for lack of something, but something is which makes nothing. And nothing because of being nothing, nothing is also something, something of nothing.

Existence has no choice but to exist and she for all eternity has being existing and doing and also she will for all of eternity exist or do or create. But even though existence has no choice but to exist and she cannot stop from existing for being eternal, she is not obligated to do or to create even though to do or to create is what makes existence, but to do or to create is what maintains existence as if forever new or as if she has just presented herself in all her glory and splendor.

He that in reality changes

He that in reality changes is God because God renews through his perfection! And that which does not come to the perfection of God, thus that remains imperfection and because of its imperfection, that stops from doing and because that stops from doing, that stops renewing and because of not renewing, that stops from existing as part of the imperfection which that was.

It is believed or it is not

There really is no such a thing as believing differently. Or it is believed or it is not believed. Belief or faith which is true adds until it becomes a reality. Those that truly do not believe or believe differently, not only will they stop from believing differently but also they will not be present to believe.

Therefore, truly do to truly have true knowledge so that with true knowledge truly have true faith and because of having true faith can truly receive true acknowledgement and because of true acknowledgement can be present for all the times through the same faith or belief which adds to one.

The name and the form

The name or the knowledge is what in truth or what is in reality gives form to the person who was born alive as also the name or the knowledge is what in truth gives form to the good creation of God.

Thus in truth, the better or the greater the name or the knowledge given to the creation of God as also to God, thus the creation of God will be to one as also God will be to one…