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Life is a request for more

Life truly is a request or a presentation for more. Life is a multitude and once one is born one can also become that multitude.

God is the giver or the granter of conscious life because God is a higher consciousness but even though God is the giver or the granter of conscious life, God does not obligate anyone beyond consciousness because conscious beings should seek a higher consciousness which is God or with God.

And as life is a receiver, God is the giver. Life is the request and God is the grant. And if a conscious being wants a higher consciousness or an expansion of mental consciousness or a greater state of mind thus he requests from God the higher consciousness and God will grant because He also will receive what He gives or grants…

Do not pretend to hear

Do not pretend to hear or to listen if you did not present yourself first so that you can truly be responded to with the very same presentation that you presented and then continue on waiting to hear but only if you keep presenting yourself, because if not you will be dead and soon deaf in all eternity for not responding yourself. Because in truth, waiting to hear or waiting to listen is not responding, not even if one called to be responded to! Because in truth, one is truly the responds which one in truth is waiting for and if one stops responding then there is no further respond and if no further respond then one comes to the end where there is no respond at all because death says for one that one just cannot respond for dead!