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Knowledge and Chaos

That which is not known or that which is not understood thus that is seen as if chaos even though with some form, but when that is known or when that is truly understood that takes form or takes reform and now is not chaos and now is as if it never lacked form…

Existence truly is all based upon knowledge or be it positive useful knowledge or be it negative or useless knowledge. There is not an existence completely positive or completely negative because existence exists because of existences being composed of opposite sides which show to be opposites to their very opposites but they are not because they themselves are not a single side or do not exist. In other words, existence is composed of opposites which show that they are more opposites of themselves than the opposites they are opposites of but that composition is what really makes existence exist…


One alone does not attract

There is not in truth something or there is nothing that is only positive or that only has one side. Everything which is or exists, even also that, which does not exist and is seen, is in truth made of positive and of negative! Because in truth, one side takes or one pushes the other side! That is, one side takes or pushes the other side. And if everything in truth were positive or only had one side, thus there would not be attraction as there would not be movement as neither there would be point of view.