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Abundance Becomes

Abundance comes or becomes after birth or with life alive. And double the abundance, all five portions of her, comes or becomes after rebirth or with life renewed.


God is Life

He that puts God into trials, thus he dies dying until he completely dies! And death never was reward. He that believes that death is reward, thus he not only serves the enemy of life but also he is enemy of God because God is life and He is in complete gladness and in complete joy and also God is life renewed in double abundance, which truly are five portions!

The have and the surplus

When man has and man has more than enough, man kills for sport or man kills for being bored to be able to find some pleasure because what man has and man has more than enough to man does not bring any pleasure or does not bring peace because what man has is not true abundance or is not the double abundance which truly are five grandiose portions.

To be able to truly have the double abundance thus one needs the true knowledge to be able to see the double abundance and enter into her as once one entered into the world after having the true knowledge of life so that with life enter into the world and be received with the five portions of abundance, an abundance that never ends not only for being a true abundance but also an abundance that renews itself.