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A Useless Point

Element Seveni17We do not have to be experts or have knowledge about the elements or mathematics to know that the number one really is a presentation of more and that the zero is a neutral point with many possibilities and that the negative really is lack of one or the negative is a denial of one and now one is negative and that way also transforming a neutral point into a negative point and even into a useless point.


We have come to a point in time

We have come to a point in time where, unfortunately, fantasy is history, the future already is fact, and the past can be improved! Science has put a false memory before the living individual. But fortunate for the individual he can still do more for himself and become more by simply presenting himself as more or for more to the heavens because once the individual has presented himself as once he did after his birth, the individual has also presented the heavens for more and the heavens will not only acknowledge that individual with gladness, joy, peace and illumination but the heavens will also promise that individual a grandiose reward.

One alone does not attract

There is not in truth something or there is nothing that is only positive or that only has one side. Everything which is or exists, even also that, which does not exist and is seen, is in truth made of positive and of negative! Because in truth, one side takes or one pushes the other side! That is, one side takes or pushes the other side. And if everything in truth were positive or only had one side, thus there would not be attraction as there would not be movement as neither there would be point of view.

Knowing and recognizing

Knowing and recognizing in truth one’s very point of view thus makes but a very good dwelling of one! And the greater the point of view, which can be truly improved with gladness and with joy, the greater the very dwelling! So get glad and joyful so that you can be here on earth a heavenly dwelling!

A wisdom run

No one will take seriously your work unless you do first! The only man God takes seriously is the man that takes God seriously. The zero is a point of view. On the left there is nothing or the lack, but only because to the right is the abundance and it is complete. The lack is seeing or known because there is something to see it with. Man is a gift that cannot be returned or exchanged for another gift or vase. Know your point of view and your very dwelling happily you will be.

One is the greater point of view and according to how one is or one feels, thus according one will see. A vase cannot decide what kind of vase it wants to be and even much less take for her very self the place of another vase. The father is not pleased with what one believes of the father but rather, the father is pleased with the very interest which one has of the father. That which is of one in truth cannot be completed in another as that which is of another cannot be completed in one. He that stumbles and falls, it is not punishment from above but rather it is punishment from below, from where he is and does not see where he is going!

What is in truth from heaven, to heaven in truth will return. And what is in truth from the earth, to the earth in truth will return. True joy completes the victory so that in victory one in truth can triumph and one becomes new as the knowledge of knowing the reason for the tests put one joyfully as in another and better road…