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Without Rebirth

Without rebirth in life there really is no continuation of life. Because in truth, as birth alive is the beginning of life thus rebirth alive is the completion or is the perfection of life, completion or perfection because with rebirth alive there is true gladness and true joy, there is peace and knowledge or a higher identity and there is abundance, double abundance which are the five portions of life alive or reborn…

He that in reality changes

He that in reality changes is God because God renews through his perfection! And that which does not come to the perfection of God, thus that remains imperfection and because of its imperfection, that stops from doing and because that stops from doing, that stops renewing and because of not renewing, that stops from existing as part of the imperfection which that was.

Perfection and lack

If something is complete, thus it will not know it because it lacks lack to be able to know that it is complete! Now then, he who completes the things is he who made the things, but he will not complete the things because they are not complete. He will complete the things which have come to be complete or which have come to truly have real knowledge and because of real knowledge, thus he has acknowledged them perfect!

That which creation really proves

The more which makes man more is the less which can be seen, seen by man. Creation gives knowledge or gives proof of God as Creator, but the word gives acknowledgement or gives reproof of God as loving Creator, thus making everything forever as new.

And perfection cries with perfect joy when perfection is renewed by a man who was reborn alive for that man knowing and acknowledging the word of God as the word of a loving Father.

To come to understand is to become satisfied

To truly come into understanding is in truth to become satisfied, which in truth was to enter into life and because of entering into life or because of knowing her thus be invited to sit, to sit on the right side of eternity as son of eternity.

Because in truth, all of those that acknowledge the Creator through requesting from the Creator they have not only added to the Creator but the Creator will add them to His side, to the right side where perfection truly is and where perfection never ends or finishes for being perfect.