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Heaven is not as heaven is painted

Heaven is not as heaven is painted, more like stained, stained by human eyes; but the earth is worst, for the earth is stained, stained in human blood. And what happens on the earth also happens in the heavens and the heavens may react in favor or against the earth. But the heavens will not react if the earth does not react or act. And so the heavens can be painted or more like stained according to man and according to man the heavens will react or act. But if man truly acted or reacted according to the will of the heavens, the earth would be as the heavens because man would be living in harmony.


God truly is knowledge and life

Many do not believe in God or do not care to believe in God. And some that have some believe or some knowledge of God paint God as if sitting in a chair in the heavens dictating or enforcing his will and waiting that one dies to receive one’s breath with open arms to give one new life, but each to his own fantasy…

But to truly believe in God or to have true knowledge of God is a very great benefit because God truly is knowledge and life is born and is reborn through knowledge. And if one desires to live for a longer period of time or one even desires to live all of eternity in complete harmony thus one must seek of God because only God is the one that truly grants knowledge so that one can be reborn or so that one can enter into other states of consciousness or of understanding or of life…