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As long as the Mass Endures

As long as the Mass Endures

As long as the mass or the multitude endures, thus there will be mass or multitude.  But if the mass does not renew or does not surpass or overcomes to continue for greater even though the very same size, thus the mass or the multitude will stop from being or from existing because of not doing for more.

But the true is that there never was a mass or a multitude which surpassed or overcame, because to surpass or overcome has everything to do with everyone or because of one as one.

That is, the victory truly is of one and once one overcomes thus the mass or the multitude stays behind and also stops from being because of stopping from doing as one…

Thus, the difference or the surpassing or overcoming is made by one as one but as much more and when one stops from doing for more, thus one also stops from being one.

So that one continues existing and one continues existing as more, thus one truly has to do with the knowledge of continuing existing or of surpassing or of overcoming or of renewing, which truly is a greater identity of one as more.

That greater identity of one as more truly is possible if one presents oneself for her as one once presented alive at birth and one was granted a greater identity if one was born or if one presented oneself as son, son thus was the identity of one.

And if one does as son because as son one was born or one presented oneself, thus one also will achieve a greater title as son beloved and one has become as if the first born of the father because of one becoming the son beloved of the father and the father also has become as if father for the first time even though that beloved son was son number eight because of his birth.

But even though that new identity could come with power and authority and also with riches in double abundance, which truly are the five portions of the son beloved, that new identity is limited because of death…

That is, even though one has the power and the authority is if the father himself and the riches of the father also are of one, one is limited because of death.

To be continued…


One Overcomes through the Mind

One can only overcome through the conscious mind and never ever one can overcome through being dead or never ever one can overcome through death or never ever one can overcome through what another had said that he did for one so that one did not have do and neither one had to die because supposedly the other already has overcome death and one only has to die once or die that first time to triumph for other that is no longer nor is able to speak for himself.

The law or the knowledge given to one

When one overcame in the womb of a woman, all the rest that fought to overcome kept from fighting or from doing and all died, a great multitude died while one rested and was transformed into the knowledge or into the law received because of one doing or because of one overcoming!

Now then, the law or the knowledge given to one was because of what one did for oneself and never was because of what another did. And once one has kept from doing for oneself thus one will die for oneself and never one will die for another as neither another will ever die for one.

Without the challenge

Without the simple challenge or the simple struggle or even the simple motion, simple because everything needed to overcome is there, thus the trophy or the recompense, which is life, truly would be useless and in vain. The simple challenge or the simple struggle or even the very simple run is so that there is departure from the loving grace and through the lack of the loving grace, lack when before there was so much that one could not see, now see the abundance that was and through the simple challenge or the simple struggle or even the simple motion or run thus one returns to the loving grace so that everything can be united through one as forever new.

When the reinforcements do not arrive

The reinforcements arrive so that one fights and overcomes when there is nothing to fight with. If the reinforcements do not arrive even though they were requested for, then it is because one still has what to fight with and overcomes with but one knows not how to use what is left!

That is the very reason that one must request knowledge, to thus be able to use what one already has because if one knows not how to use what one has, thus useless will it be to request for more!