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Imitation is to obey

Imitation is to obey or is to complete the law that is from above. And the law that is from above is obeyed or is complete by being reborn alive in life and before death because death is the end of any law and the end of any birth or life. Thus, to disobey the law even though a temporary law is death and the end of ever completing the law which is to become or make the law obsolete through rebirth and thus making the law or the command as if it never ever was a law or a command because now one has become the law.


The law and the one that does not obey

He that puts law in house is because in house he dwells or he will dwell. But the very law truly has fault because the very law depends on someone to obey the very law and the very law truly makes one to remember what one should not do and what one truly remembers the most thus one truly becomes, even though it may be the very fault of the very law!

Now then, the very law was truly for the very first that wanted to break everything, even though everything was added truly for him and added before him.

But so that one can be truly free from the very law and from the very fault which in truth is the very law, thus one must become complete with true or with real knowledge so that with true or with real knowledge one can be reborn with complete power and with complete authority over true life or real life. Because in truth, after one is reborn through acknowledgement, there will not be any law that can touch one because one has being reborn in perfection or justified from above!