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If You Cannot Pull

If you cannot pull yourself then push. And if you cannot push yourself then pull. And if you cannot pull yourself then crawl, but do not stop doing the movement, because one’s movement takes and brings one to much more and for more God did to create the heavens and the heavens became for more as the same as God because God became for more because of God eternally becoming Creator.


Some resistance brings pleasure

Some resistance brings pleasure, but too much resistance brings burden. What keeps one going on was the pleasure which one felt before starting and one will keep on going until one once again feels or completes that pleasure. And once one completes that pleasure thus it will be as if there never was any distance or even any movement because they will be forgotten.

The Small which Enlarges

The small truly is what moves the large or the tall and the large or the tall once again moves the small to move the large or the tall…

Because in truth, there was always movement or the grandiose feeling that there was more after doing the movement and move and rest and after the rest become as if new and as if larger or taller no matter how small or how larger or how tall…

And the movement as if it never ever was made because of not remembering the tiredness after the rest and thus becoming for much more…

A Greater Identity

Movement gives knowledge and knowledge gives form or gives reform, but understanding or acknowledgement or a greater identity is in one or is one when one gives knowledge or gives acknowledgement that there is one greater than one and that one is also much higher than oneself…

And because of one doing that act of acknowledgement, thus one also will be among the great or one will be among the tall because the great or the tall will acknowledge one with the very same acknowledgement which one acknowledged with…

Existence or life is all based on knowledge and acknowledgement. Knowledge is to take form and with form be born. And once one has being born and knows one’s form, with one’s form do to achieve the acknowledgement which will transform one or will give to one the new form or reform or a greater identity of life and so that with life one can continue without one ever having to know death because that new life renews and it renews not only with gladness and with joy but also life renews or is reborn with all abundance of knowledge, of peace and of prosperity and one also will be the very light of one which illuminates the night and the night will be as the very light…

Nothing is free

Nothing is free for nothing requires your very precious time. Now, time is a moment so that one can move into a better position before that moment is gone and gone forever. But if one is able to move and take a better position before that moment is gone, time will stop for one and now every moment is one for one!

But the real movement is not from one place into another because that was already done and done several times. The real movement is of the mouth, but before time expires!

One alone does not attract

There is not in truth something or there is nothing that is only positive or that only has one side. Everything which is or exists, even also that, which does not exist and is seen, is in truth made of positive and of negative! Because in truth, one side takes or one pushes the other side! That is, one side takes or pushes the other side. And if everything in truth were positive or only had one side, thus there would not be attraction as there would not be movement as neither there would be point of view.

Doctrine as a work of fiction

Doctrine is in truth as a work of fiction that puts one before and puts one after a crossing which in truth is not seen, dictating that one really continues on after, even though without any movement to truly arrive!

Because in truth, without the good movement or without the gesture of, thus one cannot arrive as enter and once inside thus be invited to sit on the right side of the good Master of the good tent!

But life is in truth a good work of art which will get better through herself when through her is sought the good worker that started the good work of life and that waits in truth for her to be complete and that never she has end for being complete because that which in truth is complete thus in truth renews and will never see in truth end or will never be her end.