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The Form of Fathers

It is very difficult or even practically very impossible the life of a man that cannot say father or mother or even say both while father or mother or even both are still alive…

Because in truth, it is very difficult or even very impossible to say father or mother to some strangers that do not have the form of fathers, more like parents…

In the same manner, it is very difficult or even very impossible to say son to one that was abandoned and that now presents himself with the figure or with the form or with the vase of a man, because that figure or that form or that vase of a man lacks the grandiose identity of son…


Only a shadow

Only a shadow truly is without or a shadow has no shadow or truly is without or a shadow truly has no identity.

It was given to me the name of forester, the very same name of my father, the very same name which his parents also gave to him. And as a forester or as a stranger or without identity I truly grew even though I grew with the family of the woman that threw me into the world. And even though I grew in the same house of the mother of my mother, I had no shadow nor identity of son nor of brother nor I had the shadow or the identity of nephew nor of cousin, neither I knew that I was a grandson!

But I grew, but I grew with a very great emptiness and with a very great loneliness, so very great that emptiness and so very great that loneliness that they truly made me cry of so much pain and of anguish. And that very great emptiness and that very great loneliness and that very great pain were really caused by lack, by the very lack of the identity of one!

I truly did not know that the lack of something that one did not know caused so much pain, so much emptiness and also so much lonelinessā€¦

The heart of a forester

A forester cannot plant because no matter where he is, he will always be in a foreign land and the forester as stranger is unknown and also very much rejected, even though a very good forester!

But the best seed which the very good forester can plant is the renewing word of men and of God and when the renewing word of man and of God is planted with the heart, with the heart is harvested in abundance, in double abundance, making the forester and the citizen as real brothers and the land as a new land and real mother to all.

Pride is envy

Pride is envy and envy in truth puts the envier in a road parallel to another road where in truth neither allows to cross to the one nor to cross to the other. And pride also puts the envier right between walls filled with pestilences that do not allow the one with pride that also is the envier thus in truth to taste in the living flesh with all gladness and with all joy what in truth is eternity! Now then, nothing renews or makes one to be reborn as true gladness and true joy!

Because in truth, to leave the pride or the envy, which add to hypocrisy, thus will take one to be glad and joyful! And from gladness and from joy one will be reborn as son beloved because now gladness is the father beloved of one and joy is the mother beloved of oneā€¦

When a son denies

When a son does not listen to his father or to his mother, it may be that the son is deaf and because of the son being deaf thus the son does not have in truth knowledge of the father or of the mother. And since the son in truth does not have knowledge of the father or of the mother, thus in truth for father or for mother the son cannot respond as son!

Thus, he that makes half a case for his sons because his sons are half a case or because his sons have some fault when born, thus more faults his sons will have when in truth they have to respond for themselves as sons and as beloved, if it is that they can respond.

Because in truth, from the beloved servant will become the beloved son and from the beloved son will become the savior beloved of God.

Twelve sons

Twelve sons from the very same father and from the very same mother! All of them named differently, even though all were princes. Everyone a name given or granted for being alive, but even though their twelve names are twelve different lives, their names is so that they all can fulfill equally. And when they in truth fulfill their names in life, thus they will be renamed alive to life as sons beloved of the very same father.

Twelve sons from the very same father and from the very same mother, which life is, but twelve sons in truth acting as one and one acting as twelve so as oneself be able to come with life to the right side of the very same father.

But the first son is not the twelfth son for being last, but neither is the first son for being first and becoming as last, but the first son is he that in truth comes to the right side of the father after declaring father beloved with his very own mouth.